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Jeremy, This is not a purchasing enquiry but only relating to the Senna. I've had one on order since September, 2000, with an as yet unknown delivery date. I had to place a deposit of 5000 UK Pounds Sterling, ($7500 USD), way back in September with the local dealer and I'm interested if you've had to place the same; also delivery expectations. If all 300 are pre-sold with similar deposits placed then Cagiva / MV have been sitting on a tidy nest egg of 1,500,000, ($2,250,000), since last year, all on the strength of a promise !! I'm interested in your perception of the ordering proceedure. -- Francis Duguid (, August 22, 2001.

I do not believe that MV is receiving this deposit money. I think that its dependent on each dealer. My dealer has never taken any deposits on the MV's. I hope your dealer invested your 5K pounds wisely.

-- mod (, August 24, 2001

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