what do i do now apart from commiting suicide

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i am about as low as it gets & feel that to jack it in is my only option i handed keys in on my house approx 7/8 years ago was joint mortgage. heard nothing at all for some 6 years then out of the blue got I & E form, seeked advice & was told not to complete it which i didn't then heard nothing again for approx 12 months then got another one ignored this too on advice. heard nothing again. have now received solicitors letter giving a time limit by which to reply with a proposal of how i intend to pay the money back otherwise on top of the money owed a further amount for interest accrued each year will be put on top along with the fact that the account is still charging daily. An MIG was in place. I have never received any other paperowrk from the building society & in fact didn't even know when the house had sold until i got the first I & E form or how much it had sold for. I do not agree with anything they are saying & they have never proven the debt owed or provided anything on it. i'm really lost & don't know what to do i have read pieces on this site but really don't know where to start i must be really thick. looks like time is running out!

-- sam (too frightened to say@aol.com), August 24, 2001



IMHO: Step back and take a few deep, slow breaths. Tell yourself, it's just someone else's game, and it doesn't matter at the end of the day. The world doesn't stop turning because a bunch of wankers send somebody a bunch of letters.

Now start again at the the beginning.

Can you tell us who the lender is? The dates of the repo and the lender's next contact with you? It may be that they are outside of their own six-year [voluntary] limit. Why didn't you receive the paperwork on the sale from the lender? Did the lender have a forwarding adress?

I know there's a lot on the Repo Site, but start by reading the 'Repossession' section. Contact me direct if you like, especially for support.

There is also a possibility that you might care to seek support from GP, who will refer you to a counsellor. I took this option when the repo stuff (right at the beginning)was too much for me, and it was well worthwhile.

Take care out there. Eleanor.

-- E Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), August 25, 2001.

eleanor, thanks for your offer of support i tried to contact you direct via your email address but when i sent details it bounced back to me can you contact me direct please sammy966911798@aol.com


-- sam (too scaredtosay@aol.com), August 26, 2001.

Looks like I'm having a 'bounce' problem today? - I hope my ISP sorts it out soon. Just to confirm that my correct address *is* eleanor.scott@btinternet.com.

-- E Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), August 26, 2001.

I thought you were "too frightened to say?" ...might confuse people with two of us posting with same name, albeit yours is another email name.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), August 26, 2001.

This is not a problem at all find out on what date the property was sold and if 6 years elapsed before they made contact with you,just give them the single digit

-- roger watts (rwatts.homeloans@virgin.net), August 29, 2001.

doesn't the six year rule start from when you made your last payment/house was repossessed/handed keys back as well as from when property was sold?

-- drl (darren@bsa-exe.net), August 30, 2001.

read everything on this site it will give you the strength you need to carry on. We are all in the same position here and will help as much as possible.

-- --- (tequilaslammas@yahoo.co.uk), December 17, 2001.

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