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I have a Nikon F3 with a Micro Nikkor 55 mm 2.8 which gives me 0.5X without extension tubes and ca. 1.4X with 58 mm extension tube. I can not increase the length of the extension tube because the subject to lens distance becomes very small, which makes proper lighting of the subject by my Vivitar Macroflash 5000 difficult. I am interested in photographing small flowers and insects, so I would like to get 5X if possible. I want to ask if someone on the list has experience with reverse mounting a Micro Nikkor? I also have a standard Nikkor 50 mm 1.4 - does this lens give better image quality when reversed? Can I stack a 135mm 3.5 lens on a reversed mounted lens? What magnification can I expect? Does anyone know of online stores that sell the adapters needed? If you can answer one or more of these questions, please respond. I am new on the list so please forgive me if this subject has been extensively discussed in the past. Thanks,

Jorgen Lissner Noelev Byvej 38 DK-8300 Odder Denmark

-- Jorgen Lissner (, August 24, 2001


John Shaw's book "closeups in nature" has an excellent chapter on stacking lenses that well answer all your qustions.

As for the adapters for lens stacking you should use male-to- male adapters which are available at B&H.

-- Mohamed Amr (, June 27, 2002.

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