Which film is better for Brownie 2 Model F

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Should I start with 100 speed or 200 speed or 400 speed? I know very little about phoyography. This is all an experiment. Please help...

-- Robert T (scrabbley@hotmail.com), August 23, 2001


Hi, Robert, I just got my own No. 2 Brownie Model F (mine's brown, what color's yours?), and I ran a roll of 100 speed film through it, experimenting with the different apertures on a sunny day, and the pictures turned out beautiful! Especially with the smallest aperture, because it was REALLY sunny that day. I would recommend using 100 speed. This camera was made for outdoor photography so the slow speed film will work very well. If you have Pan 50 film available, you might try that as well. Good luck and have fun!

-- Peter Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), August 23, 2001.

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