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Gosh, I'm having a great time with my canner this year. Yesterday I made lentil soup (w/ potatoes and spinach) and stew vegetables. My question is; are there foods that cannot be canned? I'm not as concerned with texture as I am with safety. We are moving in May, and I would just as soon take full jars as empty. We don't eat meat, and I'd like to make some hearty meals, perhaps with seitan (wheat gluten), or incorperate some of the meat substitutes in tomatoe sauces?? I read (I think in a very old CS issue) about a woman doing this. What do you think? If you can stick raw pork in a jar and pressure-can for 90 minutes and it comes out safe to eat, wouldn't you think I could can vegetarian meals?

-- Cathy in NY (, August 23, 2001


My grandfather(an olive expert) says that canning olives is not safe. Your pressure canner cannot reach the temperature to make olives safe. You can however brine pickle olives and keep them in the celar in a cask. You can also make greek style olives.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, August 24, 2001.

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