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Hello all,

I am currently designing a 36"x24" full color poster that I intend to print. The poster is called "The Champion" based on the old streamliner passenger trains from the 50's that ran on FEC's rails. Both ACL and FEC had a "Champion". FEC's was red and yellow, while ACL's was purple and silver.

I need a quality (professional) 8x10 photographic print, 2.25 film or 4x5 transparency featuring a close up - side view of an "E" unit from either the FEC or ACL "Champion". I will give full photographic credit on the poster and will discuss costs involved with obtaining a print.

I will also e-mail a JPEG file of the current poster design so that one might see how the photo will be used.

I would greatly appreciate any iput anyone of you might have to offer.



-- Pete Shepard (, August 22, 2001


Look in Seth Bramson's book Speedway to Sunshine. It may have pictures you need. You can write him on the SERAILS list.

-- bob lowry (, August 26, 2001.

Hello Pete, Check Larry's recent book on passenger service, as well as Welch's Streamliner book. The Champion was not a separate train in each railroad. It was a train (trainset) run by four railroads, and had equipment from each; Pennsy, RF&P, ACL, and FEC. What engine was at the point was not important. There are even nice shots of the Champ being pulled by a GG1. Pick your location, and check those historic photos. Best wishes, Marc

-- Marc L. Hamel (, August 22, 2001.

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