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I ran across an article that I thought would be of interest to members of this forum. I have been reading for almost 2 years and have never posted before, I am still in the dreaming stage and it will be years before I have any of my own experiences to share.
Anyway the article is on the fact that some scientists believe that feeding capsaicin to chickens will help them fight off salmonella infections.

Enjoy, Adam R.

-- Adam R. (, August 22, 2001


Adam, I don't know about using capsaicin and it's effectiveness, but cider vinegar added to the chickens drinking water sure does! One ounce per gallon of water is the ratio used in all farm animals to control and eliminate systemic salmonella infections, but it must be used all the time, every day, not just to fight infection, it prevents it. Folks have been using cider vinegar in this manner for over a hundred years! Have you read D.C. Jarvis's books about the many uses of cider vinegar?

All our animals get cider vinegar either in the water, or mixed in their feed, all have stayed very healthy for over 12 years now since I have started using it.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, August 22, 2001.

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