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My daughter saw a picture in a catalog of some special curtains she wanted for her son's room but found the cost just too much - $79 per panel! and she needed four panels to the tune of $319!! These are tab curtains using over-all buckles at the tabs. We selected a nice 100% cotton material bought on sale (washed before sewing) that complimented his room and made these great lined curtains for a total of about $60 for all four panels. The most expensive part was the over-all buckles. She loved them and they look great. Just perfect for a little country boy's room.

Wishing you enough.

-- Trevilians (, August 22, 2001


My mother uses flat twin bed sheets in colors/designs to match the room for simple, no-fuss curtains. The top, wider hem is used as a casing to put the curtain rods through. Sewing a straight line about an inch in from the edge and putting the rods in below that line gives the appearance of a ruffle at the top. If the sheets are too long, she cuts them and hems them. The cut off portion is either used to make tie-backs or quilt patches. Since sheets now-a-days are permanent press, they make nicer curtains than muslin does.

-- Cathy N. (, August 22, 2001.

I used to make drapes and curtains for the public.Which is even more expensive than purchasing them 'ready' made! I made a shower curtain for my daughter from a twin white sheet ($4) cut the bottom 5" from it(leaving the wide bottom hem) and made tabs from it. Then I used rubber stamps(fish & shells) and fabic paint(the same color as her blue tiles) to decorate it. She and her friends had seen one just like it in a fancy shop for $80+! Now all her friends want me to make them one!

-- Debbie T in N.C. (, August 22, 2001.

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