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Picked up this boat two weeks back. No hull ID or markings. Just under 14 feet. It resembles a swampscott dory with a wider transom and less sheer. Looks like a recently manufactured boat. Fiberglass. 3/4 inch teak seating. Can anyone ID the make and or model? If the above link doesn't work I posted the pictures at , album owner " ", album is "swampscott dory"

-- Harris (, August 21, 2001


At the moment I cannot help you ID the boat in question, as I cannot call up the photos. However, the fact that there is no hull ID or manufactures plate etc. on the boat leads me to believe that it may be a homebuilt. Some are really skilled builders and do better work than that done by a manufacturer.

Good luck with your boat, happy rowing.

Tom G.

-- Tom Galyen (, May 20, 2002.

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