What is your favorite thing to dehydrate?

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I just found my wifes dehydrator. (It was misplaced about a year ago) That started me to wonder What is your favorite thing to dehydrate? We've really not gotton a lot of use out of this thing yet. So some ideas, pointers and imagination would be greatly appreciated.


-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), August 21, 2001


Beef. I enjoy making jerky even though I eat too much of it when I make it fresh. You can do endless variations on it, too, with different spices, although I usually just limit it to onion powder. I don't know that it's very cost effective to dehydrate anything with an electric dehydrator, so I don't use it too often. Come to think of it, I haven't seen mine for awhile, either . . . :) Have to dig it out and run a batch through it. Thanks for reminding me of it, Kenneth!

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (jlance@nospammail.com), August 21, 2001.

I agree with the jerky. But we are now making our own power and really can't use an electric dehydrator. I am thinking about making a solar dehydrator. Has anyone had any experience with making one?

-- Doug in KY (toadshutes@yahoo.com), August 22, 2001.

Everything. Cucumber chips are delicious as snacks. Tomatoes, squash, okra, greenbeans and banana peppers mixed with a ramen pack make a wonderful veg soup. Left over puree'd veg soup makes a great veg leather.We run six of em 24/7 during harvest time. Any kind of jerky is great.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair@yahoo.com), August 22, 2001.

HELP! My wife has burnt 4 trays of food and melted 3 trays. The banana chips were black and not tasty. Yes she coated the banana slices with lemon juice.

So give us suggestions. Is there a way to get the dehydrarted result using the oven? Someone said being in the south messes with dehydrators is that true of the electric variety?

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), August 23, 2001.

FYI our unit has no fan. Is preparation different for this type unit?

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), August 23, 2001.

If the unit is a conection unit without a fan, you possibly have a thermal runaway problem (melted trays indicate this). Monitor it closely and discontinue use of it if it persists. It could be a fire hazard.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), August 23, 2001.

Watermelon, sliced about 1/4" and dried quickly. It's still a little sticky but is wonderful.

-- HannahMariaHolly (hannahholly@hotmail.com), August 23, 2001.

Anything with water can be dehydrated: sauce, veggies, fruit, meat. But of course jerky is the best reward. If you have problems with the store bought dryers, consider building your own solar dryer: http://www.littlecolorado.org/solar.htm It takes some effort and perhaps a smaller version of this drawing, but I am impressed with it.

-- Chad, L.V. (ChadOstler@cs.com), October 19, 2001.

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