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I moved out of my house nearly two years ago now. Foolishly at the time of moving out I took no action to remove my name from the mortgage. The lender was adviced verbally.

I stopped paying towards the mortgage as soon as I left the property. However in November of last year we received a reposession order. My ex had gotten into arrears without my knowledge. We attended court and the order was suspended.

Since this time my ex has been paying the mortgage along with arrears and without my help. He has also come into quite a substantial amount of money, but not paid any of the arrears unfortunately.

He has now moved his new (pregnant) girlfriend into the property.

I've been advised that I can't remove my name unless he can prove he can pay without my help, and that the mortgage lender would rather have two people to chase.

Is there no way that I can fight to have my name removed from this mortgage??

-- DebbieBennett (, August 21, 2001


you need to go to court or get a deed of dissasociation.You still have an equitable interest in the property and no doubt will want your share of any profit,if there is equity he can easily buy your share after deducting his expenses and your part of the payments.

-- roger watts (, August 29, 2001.

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