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I am going to buy a camcorder. With the same money i can buy a sony DSR-PD100AP and a Canon XL1.I think Sony is beter because works with DVCAM, have analogue imputs, cebra, lcd display, Wide adaptor, XLR imputs, and more resolution CCDs. But Canon XL1 have 1/3 ccd and Sony 1/4. I dont know what is the best choice. Please help me. thanks a lot.

-- Juan Lesta (, August 21, 2001


I have owned both cameras (at the same time).

Both produce remarkable images although I found the PD100 better in low light. I also liked its in-camera effects package and yes, its ability to convert analouge to digital can be very useful.

The PD100 is also easier to use than the XL1.

Audiowise, the Canon was better ... much better.

Exterior shooting in daylight - both cameras were very very good but I'd give the nod to the XL1.

Which ever camera you decide on be assured that you have made an excellent choice in image acquisition equipment.

Like you I was faced with the dilemna of which camera to buy - in my case, I bought them both.

- Tom

-- Tom Bennett (, February 20, 2002.

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