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Can't afford a new boat right now,but have a flat bottom dingy. Would like to add a fin(s) or something on the bottom to help it go straight when I pull hard on the oars. Anyone have any suggestions? The boat is a Sportyak , probably polyvinyl or something. Any help would would be appreciated.

-- john may field (, August 21, 2001


We had a Sportyak 2 when i was a kid and someone has one at my club. I dont think there is much to turn it into a rowing craft. They did have sail rigs for the boat......maybe you can use the grommet holes in the molding to attach some sort of rudder. I placed a dingy wanted ad last year when mine was stolen and got several responses including a 9 foot water tender for $125 that actually rowed quite well. Advertising for what you want rather than answering ads is a way of getting better deals. Try this forum or locally.."wanted, rowing craft fixed/sliding seat etc.. A freind of mine inquired at a kayak shop and they gave him the # of a guy who sold them what resembles an Alden Ocean shell 18 for only $200 complete.

-- Harris (, August 21, 2001.

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