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Time to sweep some more games, I do believe, and since my last post received no 'official' response, maybe we can make a list of games that should be headed for the grand asterisk in the sky, then have Pat build a vote.

1. Platoon: game is one pass thorugh only, and the only way to score higher is to deliberately leech on stages, which can be done infinitely. I have a completed .inp that scores higher than Timmykins. The game is relatively easy to finish. I would recommend * unless someone sees a way of increasing dificulty, or...?

2. Sonic Blast Man / Scud Hammer: SBM should already be in the archives, Scud Hammer I don't know well enough. Anyone care to comment?

3. BBH listed a game that I cannot recall in a much earlier post, also a vs. or pc_10 game I believe. Elaboration?

Feel free to add to the list.

-- Q.T.Quazar (, August 20, 2001


2. Both of these games you appear to finish your game after defeating one opponent, if there is another method of play where you get to beatup multiple opponents then it might not be archive worth, but for now all the scores beat one opponent with the same score and die which sounds like an archivable trait.

4. Rim Rockn' Basketball can not be played back, recording is possibly broken.

-- Chad (, August 21, 2001.

I mentioned the Playchoice-10 version of Rygar needing to be archived. There was an idea to score the game by number of areas you "clear" but this isn't feasible since in order to finish the game you must do a lot of backtracking through areas. So it could get confusing trying to keep track of the "score". I didn't notice that Kale deleted his recording, so I've deleted mine too now...

Metroid should probably be archived too, outside of "major" items collected I don't see a good way to score this one either. And I don't think too many people would be interested in watching a full inp that completes the game, it's not exactly all that thrilling to watch. So I say archive this too. Just my two tokens.


-- BBH (, August 22, 2001.

I fully agree. Rygar, Metroid should be archived.



-- QRS (, August 24, 2001.

Special Scoring System for Rygar and Metroid:1000 for finishing,0 even if you lose to the final boss.
Since this is a MAME Action Replay,and since can be interesting to see a good recording without read any walkthrough.
Now I don't know how much time it occurs for the two games,but if an action RPG like Zelda 3 or Wonder Boy 5 can be finished in one day...
This is my opinion.Hoping to see yours,


-- Kale (, August 30, 2001.

5. dazzler

6. kof99p

both of these games have playback problems kof99p more serious than dazzler. If anyone can make a kof99p recording that passes three fully won rounds that playsback for me, i'll give them a new hotrod SE :)

-- Chad (, August 31, 2001.

Game: Super World Stadium '96 and '97
Reason:an analogue bug make these two really easy.You can win 30-0 easily at first inning.

Game: Cassette:Treasure Island
Reason:It's Broken;You can't see anything!

Game: Gun Bullet/Point Blank,Zero Point
Reason:Doesn't playback

Hoping that these will be archived soon...

PS for Skito about kof99p:you are telling "three rounds" or "three matches"?The mine is three rounds long,although I lost intentionally after that point.In other words it's the same of mslugx,aka with extra plays in the same recording imagine that can playback correctly.

I have to give it a try...


-- Kale (, August 31, 2001.

Acutally i was able to playback your recording winning two matches (but your second match dropped your point total to the low 200's or something.) I did mean 3 matches not just 3 rounds whoops :)

-- Chad (, September 01, 2001.

For what I've understand, seems that kof99p playbacks just like Breakers,aka after the first match have a corrupt playback error.
Also it have a choppy score system:if you finish the game it doesn't give you any kind of point.
Better to remove also this one...

-- Kale (, September 02, 2001.

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