WE'VE WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yep thats right we've won and its thanks to everyone involved with this site. All we can say is thankyou from the bottom of our hearts. If the owners of this page would like the details to this case maybe we can arrange something. thanks alot everyone

-- wendy (wendy.jayne@ntlworld.com), August 20, 2001


Hi Wendy,

Well done. That is excellent news.

Yes, I would love to see the documentation but I'll ask Matt to send me scans if you send them to him.

It might also be worthwhile to add another post to your post naming the lender, their lawyers, the amount etc.

Well done! Good luck.


-- Lee (repossession@home-repo.org), August 21, 2001.

had better tell you what happened :) asked for MIG -they said there wasnt one asked for details on sale of property -didnt answer question recieveed letter saying case had been reviewed and account closed

-- wendy (wendy.jayne@ntlworld.com), August 20, 2001.

Well Done Wendy!! I am so pleased for you, I feel as if its me, Im so excited for you. Lets hope that the same thing will happen to the rest of us. Regards Hope

-- Hope Davies (hopedavies@hotmail.com), August 21, 2001.

Well done Wendy. Was yours a win in court? Either way can you let me have as many details as you can - if you are willing to send scans of letters it would be very good - I can share them with others I am in touch with.

Mail me directly if you want.



-- Matt (mattyc@ntlworld.com), August 21, 2001.

thanks for the replies folks and by the way the lenders were LloydsTSB and there were no lawyers all was done with their loss recovery department the amount was 21,700

-- wendy (wendy.jane@ntlworld.com), August 21, 2001.

Wonderful news Wendy - but can I please ask something (if you haven't already covered this?) The letter saying the account is closed...does it also say that the matter is at an end and that they or anybody else won't be chasing you for the debt in the future? It's just that closing the account is normal practice when they sell on a debt..and Lloyds TSB *do* sell on their irrecoverable debts. You might want to get this clarified in black and white asap. Don't want to pour cold water on anything but I don't trust most Lender's as far as I can spit.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), August 21, 2001.

This is what the letter contained what do you think? We have recently conducted a review of your account with Lloyds TSB. It has been decided that you will no longer be pursued any further for repayment of the loss outstanding to Lloyds TSB. your account is now closed

do you think that this matter is closed or have they sold it on?

-- wendy (wendy.jane@ntlworld.com), August 21, 2001.

Sounds like it's a done deal - that statement in the letter is enough to give you a bona fide case against recovery by anyone in Court, even if they have sold it on. Hope I didn't scare you - I just get the willies with some Lenders! Very many congratulations!

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), August 22, 2001.

thank goodness that its over i had to go and lie down in a dark room last night LOL even if they had sold it on still would of fought it all the way again thankyou all :)

-- wendy (wendy.jane@ntlworld.com), August 22, 2001.

I like every one else is really chuffed,it is a great example to all readers and contributors,especially the page owners.Well done get one with your life agin.

-- roger watts (rwatts.homeloans@virgin.net), August 29, 2001.

Hi Wendy


You give us all hope!!!!! Those of us that still have to fight the good fight.

You have proved that it can he done.



-- christine singleton (christine.singleton1@btinternet.com), August 31, 2001.

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