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I have developed a couple of rolls in Mimosa No. 3, a Catechol developer with Soda as alkali. It works great, and got very nice results with Tri-X, Efke R100 and Agfa APX100, but with Efke R50 I get strange lines and marks on the negatives, just like it was raining in the scene I took pictures of, or as if I scratched the emulsion when wiping the water from the wet film before the drying.

I made an illustration you can look at:

Efke R50 is a thin emulsion film, but I have never had any big problems with it before. Can it be an agitaion problem? I inverse the small tank three times every half minute, but when fixing I rotate the spindle instead.

Sorry for my bad english, but at least I try! :-)

-- Patric (, August 20, 2001


I saw that one of Windisch recipes with Catechol has less alkali for thin emulsion films and more for thick emulsion films. Is this maybe the problem, I had too strong alkali in my developer? Hmmmm...

-- Patric (, August 20, 2001.

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