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18. August 2001

Sellafield emissions also reach Svalbard

Radioactive emissions from the British atomic reposession plant at Sellafield in Northern Scotland are traced as far as the waters of the Spitzbergen Archipelago, the Barents Sea and the Kola Peninsula.

This is shown by tests on water samples taken by the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) last year. The work on analysing the samples have just been completed, according to Aftenposten.

Radioactivity from the Sellafield plant has earlier been found in samples taken along the coast of Western Norway.

SFT's Per Strand says that the emissions from the British plant are unnecessary, because it would be possible for the British to remove all the pollutants before releasing the cooling water from the plant.

Norway has made several appeals to the British authorities about the radioactive emissions from Sellafield.


-- Martin Thompson (, August 20, 2001

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