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Is there any evidence to support the possibility of a crypt or burial plot at Bradgate? What became of Frances Grey after the execution of her daughter in the following years? Does any one know where she is buried? Why did Mary Tudor not think of Frances Grey a threat to her? Were they not first cousins? Sorry for so many questions.

-- - -David (, August 19, 2001


Frances married Adrian Stokes (?, not quite sure about the name) shortly after her husband´s and daughter´s execution. Mr Stokes was not royal or noble in any way but a "commoner", and I think Frances partly married him because of that, since it would mean that she seized being a threat to Mary Tudor. Frances was (re)admitted into Mary´s court (I think), and so was her daughter Katherine.


-- Katarina Lindgren (, October 26, 2001.

Frances died quite shortly after Mary 1559 I think

-- Stephen Jakobi (, October 29, 2001.

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