What are you wearing?

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So, what do you have on? Do you usually sit in front of the computer in your unmentionables or are you fully dressed right down to your shoes?

Are ya nakid?!?

-- Angie (Angie@falling.com), August 17, 2001


In front of my computer, I like to be lazy and wear shorts and a baggy shirt. Nothing fancy, but covered if someone comes to visit me. And the shirt is usually one that will hide any spill... which is often.

-- Rena (Mokie12@yahoo.com), August 18, 2001.

Boxer shorts and T-shirt most often. Pants and a sweater if it's cold though, as it is in the wintertime. I like to be cozy and blanketed.

-- mary "cyl" brunson (djlemur@lemuridae.net), August 18, 2001.

Well, since I have a 25 year old step son, its hard to go in my skivies since the computers are in the living room:)

-- Greg Simpson (gsimpson64@yahoo.com), May 21, 2003.

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