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Burst Tires Cause Airport Emergency Aug 15, 2001

A UK airport went on full emergency alert today when a Boeing 737, belonging to Irish low cost carrier Ryanair, burst two tires as it landed in Manchester.

The plane, on a morning flight from Dublin, Ireland, was forced to stop on the runway but none of the 33 passengers on board was hurt.

They were taken to the terminal by bus while emergency teams carried out an inspection of the damage while the plane was on the runway.

An airport spokeswoman confirmed that two tires had burst, but said: "There is no suggestion that there was debris on the runway as the plane landed.

"The aircraft landed on runway one and is still there, so we are having to use runway two for both take-offs and landings," she said.

-- Doris (, August 17, 2001


Looks like a hard landing. Could be a problem with the Instrument Landing System (ILS) which adjusts the glide slope, radio altimeter, or a malfunctioning ground proximity warning system (GPWS).

-- David Williams (, August 17, 2001.

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