I need Poultry Raising Supplys

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Anyone have Poultry goods they are looking to rid themselves of? I need an incubator and a brooder, I have a poorly made incubtor that should be replaced.

-- erik Miller (enricoestabar@yahoo.com), August 16, 2001


Try placing a wanted ad in the local paper.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), August 17, 2001.

When I was in sixth grade we built an incubator with a styrofoam cooler. Plans abound for homemade/make do versions of these items. Course I prefer to let a hen doo the work...LOL

-- Alison in N.S. (aproteau@istar.ca), August 17, 2001.

Before my sister purchased me an incubator, I successfully used a styrofoam cooler with a 25 watt light bulb in a regular lamp base that I cut a hole out of the top to secure. :o) Ya need to make sure that you keep an eye on the temp with a thermometer, because before I got the right combination of vent holes, etc. it did get up to 104 degrees. I usually had the lid a bit cracked, made my own window by cutting out a square and using clear box tape to seal. Worked really good. :o) Of course, I like the new bator better, not worrying if the temp is too low or high. Good luck! ~Brenda~

-- Brenda (brenclark@alltel.net), August 17, 2001.

There is a booklet out, I've seen it advertised in the Backwoods Home Magazine, that shows how to build a brooder out of old tires. In fact it shows all kinds of tire projects. My neighbor has one and I've looked it iver. You may find it a cheap way to attain your goals. I've seen it in TMEN too, but I can't recall if CS has run the ad.

-- Sandra Nelson (Magin@starband.net), August 17, 2001.

a good place to try is www.mcmurrayhatchery.com good luck

-- drew (ata1hunt@aol.com), August 22, 2001.

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