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A trumpet plant that I have is not blooming, it's about 5 years old, what can I do to make it bloom???

-- William Robinson (, August 16, 2001


The Trumpet Vine does not like too much fertilizer. Even if it is near your lawn, it gets the fertilizer! My husbands uncle had the same problem for 4 years and last year he moved it,didn't give it any feritilzer at all and It is full of blooms!

-- Debbie T in N.C. (, August 16, 2001.

try root pruning,take a sharp shovel and go about 10in from the main trunck and chop the soil a few times.This will make the vine stay in one area better and stronger too.

-- renee oneill{md.} (, August 16, 2001.

Are you talking Trumpet PLant, Trumpet Vine or Angles Trumpet which blooms at nite?

-- Mel Kelly (, August 20, 2001.

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