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There was an interesting article about movies in the Globe and Mail the other day. Anyone here remeber the flop by the man who directed Deerhunter? Heavens Gate? Cimino? It was pulled only *after* Jay Scott, a critic for the Globe and Mail had panned hte movie.

But the article contrasts the sheer amount of critically panned crap that is now released (tomb raider, the mummy) that perserveres and succeeds at the box office even with scathing reviews.

Got me thinking...

Is it the same enviroment for critics of music?

The music papers are all dying off with the advent of the internet or becoming so obscure that the mass public do not bother reading (re: The Wire).

Is this a good atmosphere for music? A negative atmosphere for music?

If critics are not making and playing scenes then what will happen? An out of sync musical assembly line?

Any thoughts?

-- doomie (, August 16, 2001


since when does the public listen to critics about anything? critics write for other critics, or for their reflection (in the mirror)

-- scott (, August 16, 2001.

You are correct Scott, I think at one point that critics of culture were vital, steeering the public clear of bad art forms.....however, as time progressed and the internet developed the critics became passe.......

-- doomie (, August 17, 2001.

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