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hey from charlotte, NC and i just moved here....i wanted to kinda change my image and become a raver...cos they're nice, and sweet, and they could care less about wat people say about them....and ive always wanted to do it cos my older bro did it.....BUT I dunno how old u have to be...i see sum flyers sayin 18 and up which sux cos im onle 13..turning 14 this sept...but i dunno ne ravers around this place..or my high school (HOPEWELL HIGH IN NC...i knoe sum really hott guy in my BIO CLASS who had these red cute dickies bag..but ne ways) dunno where to start...i really wanna be a raver...but i dunno ne one....i knoe how to do sum dance bro taught me...i knoe the 8 ball...the lil wave thingy, and the worm (or catterpilar) body move thing....IF UR FROM HOPEWELL or around HOPEWELL>..please help me!!! email me alright..laters!

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2001


omm the good raves are usually 18+ but i would not tell these ppl on here u wana be a raver lol because thats about the funnyest thing iv herd all day. But anyways im from greensboro and don't go around with them gay patsie fires and telling ppl ur a raver, because iv saw alot of ppl get get busted on for sayin gay shit like that at there school. If u want to go to some good raves u really need to meet some really cool ppl (usually there coke dealers and x dealers) that go to alot of GOOD raves.

PS: get a fake ID, and ware very small cloths were u look like a hoe and u wont have a prob getting in. peace

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2001

damn thats a funny-ass reply.

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001

thanks for askin this!!! lol i was wondering the same thing. i'm only 13 too and my uncle makes fake ID's and he told me he'd make me one for free so i won't have a problem getting in. You should find a friend to go with you to your first rave. I've heard about a few all age raves, cuz one of my guy friends, courtney was really into them. anyways, good luck


-- Anonymous, February 12, 2002

Hi Candy , My name is Dorian. Im a 20 year old female that is a raver . Look find a older friend dress in baggy pants and a tight little shirt get body glitter and some glow sticks . And most of all get a fake ID . If not you won't go to one for a long time . Ive been to alot of parties even in other states I live in Atlanta,GA . I have friends that throw raves in night clubs you will really have a blast . My boyfriend is 29 and he has been going for 5 years . Ive only been going for almost 2 years . My boyfriend got me into them you will have so much fun . All the people are really cool and nice . And your right most of us don't care what people think about us because we know that there is a whole diffrent world out there . Anyways got to go but please right back .

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2002

hey.theres gonna b a rave in Charlotte on March 31,2002 called "Local Anesthesia". Itz from 10 pm to 2am.Its $5 to get in.Theres no age required.Also Flavor 8 iz cummin up quick.itz gonna b on prom night april fun. P.L.U.R. ~*Ash*~

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2002

hey um lil_raver_girl420 i was just wandering if u could give me dircetions to the all age rave in charlotte i live in johnson city tn but i know how to get to charlotte but once u get there i need help if u could just please e-mail me at that would be great thanx

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2002

If anyone knows about any all age raves comin up in late april or early may, (preferably in the charlotte area or close to it) PLEASE let me know. I'm dying here...

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2002

Hey i am lookin for a rave around kitchener cuz i am only 13 too and none of my friends go to them or even heard of them soo that really sux i really wanna go to one but no one to go wit or anythink so if ya know if there is one in kitchener plzzzzzzzz write back too me!!!! PLZZZ

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2002

well i actually was 12 when i started partying.. but its hard to start young.. simply because you have to have friends that are older... they can get you a fake ID and stuff... but as for the cloths its a come as you are deal... the typical stereo types that i'm seeing all over this page isalmost funny... but yeah.. i'm 16 now, and i have lots of dj friends and my boyfriend is an MC so for me getting in is... walking through the gate.. all i can say is when you do... dont automatically dive into the drugs like thats what its all about because its not, its about the music and the freedom... be smart about it. oh and a raver is a state of mind.. not a state of being

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2002

hey you gotta like first decide if you wanna be a cute kandie kid or just a raver... i am a kandie kid and i love it and you gotta get some cute clothes to and definatly go to raves i am 14 and i have been to lots...well mostly because i got connections but yeah some raves only let you in if you 18 because of all the drugs. but still there are a lot of teen raves you can get involved in and definalty when you start school get to be friends with the ravers that will help a lot especially if they know a lot about the area and raves. but anyways if you wanna talk to me more write me... or IM me on aim messenger raver_babe132 bye bye! ~hugz and kissez~

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2002

Sup All....Im Dj Rob V from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. just surfin the net good too see the younger crowd's getting into the rave scene.... Rave4Life!!!!! P.L.U.R.

Check out

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2002

hey! I was wonderin the same thing, im from BC & if any of you guyz know any raves on vancouver island or somethign please e-mail me or add me on msn. thankz

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2002

hi iam 13 and wanted to no if their is ne all age raves in ohio coming uo well thanx buh by P.L.U.R

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

hey kiddies,, i got the foolproof field guide to raving in kitchener

1. RAVE is a bad word it is a brand name and a heatscore do not use it

2. if you want to become part of the party scene in this fair city, you have to go to the nearest set of stairs and throw yourself off of them as fast as you can.. this will condition your body a little more to the kinda punishment you are about to render it.. poor thing.

3. stay as far away from "Shane Dixon" as possible...if you havent heard of him already ,, dont worry ,,, you will

4.. and lastly but certainly not least..if you find a pill on the ground or on the floor at a guelph venueor a kitchener venue, put it in your mouth quickly so s no one sees you ,,.. but if its in waterloo or cambridge,that you find this item on the floor, it must be given to someone who lives in Stratford good luck on your journey to raverdom and i hope to see you some day with all your teeth in tact. and remember


-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002

You people should be having sleepovers and pillow fights. You should be getting yelled at by your mom for staying on the phone too late. You should not be going to fucking raves. If you want to dance, turn up the stereo and hit it. Clubs are for adults and those on their way. It is a right of passage.

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

hey, i am 15 years old and i want to know if there are any all age raves going on in Ohio near the Cleveland area in 2002-2003 thanx email me ~P*L*U*R~

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

fuck micheal ure a funny cunt ... oh yeah its true aboutdressing like a ho gets u far in life and other wise jus come to auckland nz raves all da time all age ...but still dress like a ho though :)

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

dearest kids, if you search the underground you will find that the age limits...are not essentially a major factor. So, check what's going on underground! and if you're a happycore luver then you will prolly find the best soundz around! if any of you take a trip to cali look me up! we'll go partie *muah* ROAM ~drew~

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2003

Hi I'm new to Greensboro NC and I was looking for some rave parties to get in to. Someone tell me whats going on.

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2003

hey if u come get me ill take u to all the raves u want and u gotta be hot any1 ever been to eybor citty in tampa well if not ur missing out go there ull have fun PEACE!!!

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2003

hey well im gunna be 14 on july 14, and my sister used to rave a lot. she was a kandy kid, and thats how i got hoooked to the music. im new at this and i dont know anyone even in michigan that raves, so i was wondering if anybody in michigan especially on the west side by lake michigan (i live in Muskegon.) would help me find some raves and kinda help me around a lil. well thanx P.L.U.R ~missy~ e mail me if ya want at

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2003

To all you out there eybor is where its at i've lived in tampa about 3 years and now im back home in chicago ........I hate this shit hole someone or somebody save me take me back to tampa take me back to eybor cause theres no place like it! Ba lee dat

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2003

Ok here's the all you newbe's the rave scene is not 4 u! alot has changed, you wont be accepted in the scene today! to all you old school-hardcore-s.o.b.'s keep doin what ur doin cuz itz still workin! lil kiddies- ravin is not about doin e- and f*@%ing on the dance floor, its all about the P.L.U.R....and if you dont have a clue, then back the hell off...stick to your G.C., Avril,and all the other garbage shit thats out there!~thanx a bunch~

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2003

well personaly, if your new to the scene, dont do the drugs because its not what its about. the scene is practically ruioned because of the people who did the drugs. look up the drugs to see what they really are before you even try them if you ever do. the scene is about the music, and the people you meet at them. its not about gettin strung out on drugs so that you cant even hear the music, let alone appreciate it. if this is what you think the scene is, then go some where else and do it, the scene doesnt need the bad shit that people have put in it. And not all the people in the scene do drugs. Its all about the music, and people. Just remeber that PLUR always

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2004

I am 13 going on 14...on July 7.I went 2 Tampa over tha summa and went 2 a few Raves witt mi older kuzin. but I live in Indiana Is there any Raves going on around here?!

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2004

Hey im 17 and live in muskegon. The scene has really died down in the past year or so. but any way its all about the music and the love. befour you start going to parties you need to understand one word. "P.L.U.R" base your life around it and I promise you will allways be happy. any others in muskegon know if there are any parties going on drop me an e-mail

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2004

13 year old raver, eh? same here. i just have 1 problem.

1.) how to get to a rave

2.) where to get fake I.D's

if anyone could help it would be great. i live in texas. bye!

P*L*U*R its what you do.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2004

HEy every one. for all of you who live in Michigan and its near-by states, or if you would like to take a road tripp. there are 2 very good events comeing up. First off is Movement it is the worlds largest FREE electronic festival. The name was changed from DEMF about 2 years ago I think. the other is a after partie called vinal fantasy it is only 15$ and it is all ages. So yeah all of you should go. P.L.U.R

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2004

just to let you all know... you dont need fake ID's to get into 18+ partys, I have gone to several and im only 17, you just have to meet a DJ that can have a invite list, and they will get you in, thats what I did. Awesome connections always helps.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2004

hey ima 14 yr old gurl and live in burnaby bc, and me and mi frenz wer wunderin if there r n e teen ravez or partayz goin on around burnabee or vancouva.. if u noe bout n e ting bout dis, contact me @ oki??

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2004

hey i was wondering if anyone knew of any raves going on in Flint, Michigan. this was always my favortie site when i lived in NC

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2004

Hello Hello :)

You will find your place in the sun my dear. You will.

Looking for some underground events in the Minneapolis St Paul area. I live four hours from there, and want to take a little road trip.

email mE.


-- Anonymous, December 06, 2004

hey well im only 15 and no almost nothing at all about raves or antyhnig except that the music is good and the people are cool, if any1 can tell me anything about raves, e-mail me at any1 live in sterling heights michigan or around that area that goes to raves e-mail me

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2005

Hey. i am not gonna lie to you i know about this much-- about raving but im interested so hit me up give me some info and tell me about where what and when. i live in nebraska and i doubt there are any in this shithole. but maybe. Im 16 .

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2005

can someone let me know where to get a fake id in greensboro nc? i dont want some bs id made on some computer program and printed on picture paper and laminated, im talking about a GOOD fake id with the hologram, bar code that scans, all that...basically a real id with my picture and different info. my friends have em', but got them in atl and ny and places like that, PLEASE let me know if theres anywhere around here i can get one.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2005

on may 20th 2005 in central ohio im throwing a renegade...100% illegal....jus to let all kno...thats all i can release the rest will be werd of fliers/forum information..or phonelines, thanx and PLUR

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2005

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