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Looking for a value for an early 1970s John Bradshaw oil on canvas painting of a barn. Very good condition and original frame. Still has business card stapled to the back of it. Would love to hear from someone who knows his work and what it goes for.

Thank you.

-- Michael Patterson (, August 15, 2001


Did you ever get an answer to your question. I have a painting by John Bradshaw called Born Free and I can't seem to locate any information on the artist. Maybe you can help.

Thanks Dan

-- Dan Wilson (, May 27, 2003.

I am searching for the same thing you are. I have a Bradshaw painting of a barn my parents purchased in the early 1970s. I have been told it is valuable. All I know is he was a Bay Area painter and his work was difficult to get at that time. I have been searching for info about him without any success. If anyone knows anything more about him or the value of his paintings please contact me. Thank You, Christine Shields ( )

-- christine shields (, January 01, 2004.

I have two large paintings of barn scenes by Bradshaw. did you ever find out anything?

-- (, July 29, 2004.

Operated out of a studio called Pinting by Bradshaw at 2244 Tacoma Ave Martinex, CA 94553 Phone 228 5050

-- David Morris (, September 26, 2004.

Hi -- my ex husband and I have many of his paintings, one being a barn and most others were birds and wildlife. I have even been to his studio but that was back in the early 70's. I have also been trying to see if he is still painting. I still have many of the beautiful christmas cards of his paintings that he sent us each year. If I can get any information, I will certainly pass it along.

-- Jeanne Kuhta (, October 28, 2004.

To all: Wow! this was posted quite awhile ago. No i have never gotten a response as far as value. I did contact John last year, he has retired and i dont know if he still paints, though he seemed to go into ceramics later. He was pretty non-commital was far as worth of my painting, but hinted that it may have a good value.

-- Michael Patterson (, December 24, 2004.

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