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-- doomie (, August 15, 2001


Fuckin' hell. Was he allright?

-- Concerned person (, August 16, 2001.


Not alright. He was crushed underneath the commuter train. The train was delayed for an hour (not that I cared) but the way to start hhe morning with "there has been a fatality on the train, we are going to wait here until the emergency team has arrive".

When we went by the scene, we were warned not to look out the window if we were sensitive to such matters. Being humans, everyone looks out the window to find blood. And more blood.

I gasped, got nervous and turned up Guided By Voices.

That is the second train fatality for me. The first was last Christmas in the underground when someone threw themselves over the Bloor Viaduct in Toronto. He bummed a cigarette off of me and then vanished. I didnt see anything that time. Just the train.

Life is funny. Is it not?

-- doomie (, August 17, 2001.

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