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Does anyone know if any of the parts on an MV are the same as a Ducati, such as brake rotors or the rear caliper. I also have a ti rear rotor available to me, will it transfer over?

I just ordered a ton of parts from Casoli Moto Products, still debating the exhaust though, they have the carbon for 1050 and Ti for 1192.00, am thinking that the Blue Flame looks better though, any experience with Casoli?

-- Adam Tromp (, August 14, 2001


Blueflame is pretty cheap and is therefore outstanding value for money - esp now they've made fitting much easier. Sounds great and 'seat of the pants' analysis says it lives up to its bhp claims. I've now got plain Titanium and am well happy with it.

-- fraser butters (, August 15, 2001.

Casoli's prices are miles higher than anyone elses... check out the exhaust systems at

-- andy (, August 15, 2001.

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