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These two guys were on their way to a ski trip when, about dark, their engine starting to faulter. However, they were able to make it to a farm house. Their knock was answered by an older, but still very attractive, woman. When they explained their problem and they needed a place to stay the night she said eventhough she had been a widow for many years, it just wouldn't be right for them to stay in the house. She then pointed out a bunkhouse noting her farm help were visiting their families that week.

The next morning she fixed them a big country-style breakfast, they borrowed a couple of tools, fixed the problem and were on their way.

About nine months later one of them gets a letter from an attorney and he finally figures out it concerns the widow. He called his friend, Bob, and asked if he remembered the trip where the van broken down and they had to spend the night at a farm. Bob said he did.

He then asked Bob if during the night, while he was asleep, if he paid the widow a visit and Bob acknowledged that he had. He then asked Bob if he happened to have used his name and told her where he lived. Bob, somewhat embarrassed, said he had and asked why.

He then told Bob, "Well, seems she died recently and left me her entire estate."

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, August 14, 2001


Good one! I'll have to remember that one.

-- Russell Hays (, August 14, 2001.

Very funny, but this taught me one thing. Don't tell Lynn one of YOUR jokes. She told me to get off the net so she can call and tell it to her mother :>) Think I'll try to sneak in 10 more minutes.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, August 14, 2001.

Know of any widowers whose bunkhouse I can spend the night?!

-- Kathy (, August 14, 2001.

One of my favorites is:

An architect, a priest, and a lawyer were traveling, broke down late at night, walked up to a farmhouse and asked for lodging. The farmer said, "Sure, but there's only room in the house for two of you - one will have to sleep in the barn with the pigs." The guys said, "O.K.", and drew straws as to who would sleep with the pigs. The architect lost, and went out to the barn.

A little while later, there was a knock on the door, and there stood the architect. He said, "You know, that barn is not architecturally safe! I really can't sleep there. It just makes me too nervous." So the other two drew straws. This time the priest lost and went out to the barn.

Soon, there was another knock on the door, and the priest stood there. He said, "You know, it's really demeaning for a man of God to have to sleep with pigs. I really don't think it's right. I've got to spend the night in the house." So the lawyer said, in disgust, "Oh alright, alright, if I have to, I'll go sleep with the pigs."

In no time at all, there was another knock at the door. The farmer opened it, and the pigs stood there...............

-- Bonnie (, August 15, 2001.

Bonnie, I always new pigs were very intelligent.

-- ken (, August 16, 2001.

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