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I read in the older section of the forum that you can make a well deeper by adding a well tile to the top of the well and then digging out under the lowest tile in your well. Has anyone done this and wouldn't the existing well tiles be kept in place by the soil around them? I have a dug well with four foot well tiles that is only two tiles deep. I'd like to make it twice that depth but am wondering if I can do it by adding a tile to the top and digging out under the lowest tile. I would imagine a trash pump would be necessary to keep the water down while digging?

Anyone ever do this or know of anyone who has?

-- Steve Carder from So NH (, August 14, 2001


I have dug well(s) also, Steve, but they were done by backhoe each time. Just for plain easier working, why not dig a second well right by your first one and then extend the pipe and footvalve right into the new well? You could use your two original tiles and save money that way on the new well. If that doesn't appeal, another idea is to dig your existing well deeper like you have planned, but then lower in a couple of new casement tiles that are slightly smaller diameter so they'd slide by the old ones. They may build smaller ones or else you could check into getting the concrete casting co. to make you custom ones or it might even be something you could cast yourself. I don't know if the old tiles would stay in place or not. It seems like they would if they have been in there for awhile, but if you are working in wet ground things may surprise you. My advice for either the new well right next door or a smaller diameter casing in the bottom of the old well is mainly safety issue as much as anything. You don't want something collapsing on you when you are down in there!

Yes, you are most likely going to need a pump going all the time you are digging. Even if your well feeds in slowly it's hard getting serious digging done in slop and you may not get it done in a day, anyway. It will fill in at night and have to be pumped out the next morning at least. The pump will make it easier/possible to do the job.

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, August 14, 2001.

Jennifer, Thanks for the response. The reason I am not thinking back hoe is because when the original well was put in we used one ( our soil is very sandy with no rocks) and the hole kept collapsing due to the copious amounts of water. I know you are saying New England and no rocks??? We just happen to be in what could become a gravel pit two streets away rocks abound. I think that if I put another four foot tile on the existing one and had the pumps going it would be safe from collapsing in. If I ever really do this I'll let you know if it worked or not. Thanks again. Steve

-- Steve Carder (, August 15, 2001.

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