Ulyanovsk Region: Dysentry Caused by Discharged Water

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In Veshkaim district of Ulyanovsk region, already over 70 people are suffering from acute intestinal infection, 28 of them are children. 55 infected people are hospitalized, the others are treated at home. All patients are in middle heaviness condition. According to doctors, first patients will be soon discharged from hospital. The testsí results show, that it is most likely dysentery. Doctors call main reason of mass infection penetrating discharged waters into water pipe in south part of the settlement. All infected people live namely in this district. The lines were laid in 1954. Now in Veshkaim prophylactic works are being carried out, disinfection of local wells and ponds. The settlement has not been put in quarantine.

-- Rachel Gibson (rgibson@hotmail.com), August 14, 2001

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