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I am an 85 year old diabetic. I have been taking Baycol for about 2 years.Baycol was pulled from the market about a week ago because about 41 people had died. I know Baycol is for Chloresterol(spelling ) but I have trouble with that too. My Question is Is there a forum where I can talk to people with the same problem Thanks BIG George

-- George Wilson (cwwhtw@aol.com), August 13, 2001


Don't know where there is a forum Big George, but I am glad to see that crap go off the market. I've taken care of several patients with rhabdomyolysis - a muscle damamging disease - and they all had Baycol in common. It can hurt your heart in a hurry (your heart is a muscle too) - faster than cholesterol can. If your doctor hasn't said anything about tests, ask him about running a CK on you. It's a blood test that measures muscle damage. Best wishes,

-- Polly (tigger@moultrie.com), August 13, 2001.

Geez, George, that sure doesn't sound good!

I hunted around and found the following site, click 'n go:

the link is http://www.dispace.com/message_boards/drugs/Baycol/default.htm if for any reason the clickable link doesn't work for you.

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), August 13, 2001.

How did I know that was going to screw up? LOL! I'm going to try to get you that clickable link again:

BAYTROL Message Board

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), August 13, 2001.

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