Who is Philip K. Dick?

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Dick: did the hallucingeons bring about the latent schizophrenia? Was Sonic Youth exploitative in their works about Dick? In reading the schizophrenic trilogy of novels, what was your experience coming out of them? Did they change the way you thought about Dick and/or Schizophrenia?

-- dmptrl@html.cm (doommpatrol23@hotmail.com), August 13, 2001


Yeah, well, you've got moderator status, you delete it.

Which ov dick's novels constitute thee "schizophrenic trilogy"? Perhaps I'll answer, if U tell me.


-- Norman Fay (k-rad@faycycle.demon.co.uk), August 13, 2001.

Depends Norman:

Valis/A Scanner Darkly - could be seen as a schizophrenic set however the majority of his later books do run like that: pre-occupied with the splitting of the mind.

I found A Scanner Darkly v. difficult read as it was entering into a schizophrenic's headspace and sharing same for long periods of time. Almost a philopsohy of life but has changed teh way I view and look at things.

-- doomie (doompatrol23@hotmail.com), August 13, 2001.

Come on, deep down it's cause of his name. We just want to go in the shop and ask the sales clerk: Do you have Dick?

I order his books from Amazon.

-- nathalie (nclaeys@pandora.be), August 13, 2001.

But who is Doompatrol T. H. E. Dick?

-- DG (rgreenfield@btinternet.com), August 13, 2001.

DG there is no bigger dick than you my friend...

-- josh (poshjosh@aol.com), August 13, 2001.

NO. Sinker is wqorse

-- (gumby@aol.com), August 13, 2001.

I think doomie is letting us in on his psychiatric condition here. Eh, A Scanner wasn't all that nutso compared to his later works. The short stories were where he rilly got to run with concepts tho.

-- Sterling Clover (sterling_clover@yahoo.com), August 13, 2001.

I do enjoy his short stories, he is usually a better short story writer than a full fledged novelist. However, the schizophrenic novels are densed adn give a good feeling of the man's state at that time. The earlier novels? So/so. You either get a classic or dud with Dick and that is half of the fun of the journey.

-- doomie (doompatrol23@hotmail.com), August 14, 2001.

There's a great PKD story where an insane man creates an entire world for himself, peoples it with equally imaginary 'allies', and then spends the rest of his life alone, talking only to himself. Thank god such a bleak and terrifying vision could never happen here...

-- Valis (thepenultimatetruth@hotmail.com), August 14, 2001.

I'm not the only person posting....

Believe it or not!

The Penultimate Truth was a fantastic book by the way. Dick's society seems much more interesting than others.

ps. Cloning myself? Why not...I would be able to enjoy my own company tenfold.

-- doomie (doompatrol23@hotmail.com), August 14, 2001.

Man in the high castle was brilliant

-- Scott (findPh0net1x@hotmail.com), August 14, 2001.

philip was a vary strange wrighter he makes the mind more interresting then anything there is. most of his books drove me insane but i found it fun. every book i read by him was great it took over my mind and i lived in them. in a way i beleve he is a god because he creates these worlds that are so real but yet not real at all. so hes not a god but he is close to a god.

-- jesus fish (jesus7fish666@aol.com), January 13, 2003.

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