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Howdy folks, Its one hot day here in south Texas,and marking the days till fall, and can get back to the flea markets, Any one out there that has been to the Texas state Fair? How is it, never been, I would love to go. I Have to come up with a Sunday dinner, and its just to hot to cook,Its a lot more fun cooking in the winter, roast"s, and soups, dumpins and chicken, stews, yum. Well I am just chattering along, come talk you all. Love Irene

-- Irene texas (tkorsborn@cs.com), August 12, 2001


We had seven drops of rain this morning up here near the OK border!

The State Fair of Texas is awesome and worth the trip in my opinion.

-- Nancy in Texas (nancyr@ntin.net), August 12, 2001.

Howdy fellow Texans, I am in East Texas, sure need rain here. I hate to cook inside when it is the hot, 98 with 85 percent humdity. I have a roast in the dutch oven on the grill outside. Just a good day to sip ice tea! Eastex Deb

-- Deborah Texas (theant00@yahoo.com), August 12, 2001.


I posted an opinion here earlier which differed from someone else's from a prior post. I thought it would be a way to stimulate conversation, to inform, to educate and to exchange views on the subject. On points of disagreement, I was more than willing to discuss and debate the issue and attempted to do so in a proper manner.

I thought that was one of the purposes of this forum. It became obvious to me that was not the case. Instead of debate and discussion of an idea, I received personal attacks, derision and insults. THAT's why I'm a bit reluctant to post here again.

-- Gary in Indiana (gk6854@aol.com), August 12, 2001.

I live by myself so don't have to worry too much about cooking. On hot days I tend to just graze on easy to fix items - crackers with tuna salad, fruit, and of course iced tea! I would like cooler weather but don't want another winter like we had last year. We had 9 snow/ice/sleet "events" - very unusual. It was so cold in this house & I would get trapped because of the ice on the porches. I will be better prepared this year.

Nancy, N. Texas

-- Nancy in Texas (nancyr@ntin.net), August 12, 2001.

Definitely too hot to cook in this camper. It gets over 110 degrees in here by the afternoon. I've learned to eat it cold, right out of the can ...

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), August 12, 2001.

Hey Nancy, Thanks for making me chuckle.....Your line "ice/snow events"......I'd be happy to share some snow with you!....Only got 20 feet {of snow---about average} last winter!!..Today was a wonderful 72 degrees!!!

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), August 12, 2001.

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