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Am i right, or am i right?

-- Luke (, August 12, 2001


the new album rocks (apparently). He does a curtis mayfield/prince voice throughout.

-- (, August 12, 2001.

Do they have SOUL, doompatrol?

-- DG (, August 12, 2001.

They have soul in hades. North Country Boy is Bob Dylan's soul singing Johnny Cash covers...

-- doomie (, August 13, 2001.

Yeah, but they're shit, really, aren't they?

-- Nick Southall (, August 13, 2001.

Why does it only rock "(apparently)"?

-- Sterling Clover (, August 13, 2001.

Nick, you have just proved what an indie loser you are. If you don't get The Charlatans you might as well hang around with those Freakytrigger dicks

-- (, August 14, 2001.

Charlatans? They are the great survivors. Baggy/Brit Pop/Dad Rock - they come through and through. Singles band for me, until the release of the last one: Johnny Cash/Elliott Smith/Massive Attack/Bob Dylan's bastard children produce an album that could have been the next Lovin' Spoonful. Fantastic stuff. The new one? Going to blow me away as well.

Favourite Charlatans single? North Country Boy.

-- doomie (, August 14, 2001.

Thee ch4rl4t4nz = thee best pub rox0r band in thee world. V nice & all that, but 2 rave abt them in thiz way missez thee point, surely?


-- |\|0|2/|\4|\| |=4'/ (, August 14, 2001.

I would have agreed with you two years ago as I just saw the Charlatans as a singles band but the newie is going to blow people away and I thought the last one was very nice: not mind blowing but a solid album in the dog days of rock and roll where that is not somethign that you would say often...

-- doomie (, August 14, 2001.

I've "proved what an indie loser" I am because I don't like The Charlatans? I like your reasoning. You're obviously very clever.

-- Nick Southall (, August 14, 2001.

Apparently the keyboard playah has cancer.

-- nathalie (, August 14, 2001.

He does. A friend of mine runs their official website, and it's true. He's been having treatment for it, and wont miss any gigs. He's very positive of making a full recovery. His band are still shit though.

-- Nick Southall (, August 14, 2001.

Nick - you are wrong and you know nothing, The Charlatans are a phenomenal band - loved loyally and fervently by a ROCK solid fanbase. They are still as strong and passionate about making classic records as they were in 1990. The new album is a killer. Fact.

-- gretnagreen (, August 14, 2001.

The Charlatans have always been a poor man's alternative to other, better stuff that they've been contemporary to, initially The Stone Roses, and later on Oasis, The Verve, etcetera.

I don't dislike them, to be honest, it's just that I know so many people who passionately love them and who know them well (see above) and I just don't get it, because to me they've always a been a bit dull and failed to hit the mark.

I quite like the eponymous album,and I've got most of their LPs, I just never listen to them 'cos I don't think they're very good.

A friend of mine back at uni once claimed they were innovative and original. I asked him if he had any Dylan or Rolling Stones, and he said "no." Which made me laugh...

-- Nick Southall (, August 15, 2001.

Singles band: The only one I know, North Country Boy, etc....

The last one: turning into album band. The new one? Curtis Mayfield Prince funk? Only time will tell....

-- doomie (, August 15, 2001.

I can't be arsed with much of the Charlies back catalogue, but the last LP was pretty good and Wonderland is actually (shh, whisper it.....) very good indeed. It tales off at the end a bit, but sounds FRESH and SEXY and has RYTHMN, especially coming from a load of lumpen, fat, coke-addled 30-year-olds. They do have a lot of obsessive fans though...pourquoi? Mumbled off-kilter lyrics, generally pervading good-time vibe...not exactly the recipe for unrequited love is it?

-- Prince Abdullah (, August 15, 2001.

ARrggghh...has everyone heard Wonderland 'cept for me. Definitely want it....

-- doomie (, August 16, 2001.

"The Charlatans" album is pretty good. They do have the odd jem here and there. "Just lookin", "Jesus hairdo" and "One to another" to name a few. Heard bits and pieces of "Tellin' stories" and it sounded allright. They certainly aint the best band in the world but I'm partial to them from time to time. Get rid of that Hammond organ tho', fuckin hell, I hate the sound they make.

-- Concerned person (, August 16, 2001.

Is it just me or have they become more cohesive since the death of their organ player?


And from what I have heard Wonderland does not have that organ sound on it. Maybe someone who has heard it can cue as in?

-- doomie (, August 17, 2001.

I just heard the new Charlatans single on The Pepsi Chart show. It was absolute pants. Burgess' attempt at a Curtis Mayfield falsetto being particularly embarrasing.

-- concerned (, August 23, 2001.

dearest concerned:

please come and talk about music in the sonny tremaine egroup.

doom 'agony aunt' patrol.

-- doomie (, August 24, 2001.

..and where do i find it?

-- concerned (, August 24, 2001.

I'll sign you up and if you don't like it then you can just unsigned yourself, cool?

-- doomie (, August 24, 2001.

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