b&b joint mortgage, only chasing me for s/fall

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i had a mortgage with the b&b the house was repo'd 2 years ago and i have just recieved a s/fall claim from alltel(?). i have just served a disclosure notice on them, but is there anyway of finding out if i am the only one they are claiming money from? as they have always said we are joint and severally liable. can they make me pay the whole amount. thanks 4 all the help. more questions 2 follow james

-- james moore (moorsey@talk21.com), August 12, 2001


The short answer is yes I'm afraid. Essentially, they can pursue either (or both) of you for the full amount of the debt. They don't have to split it 50/50.

As well as the SARN, you should also ask them to supply a complete and full breakdown of the alleged debt so that you can assess their claim properly.

Remember to send everything recorded delivery, don't speak to anyone about this on the phone - ask them to put anything in writing.

Don't fill out anything like an Income/Expenditure form either.

Good luck !

-- Chris (chrsh@hotmail.com), August 12, 2001.

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