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We have just installed a GMV roped hydro, L-frame, 1200lbs cap. Ride is great, but we cant seem to reduce the start/stop jerk. We tried installing a soft start unit- no change. We are using PU slippershoes are they too tight? Will the jerk reduce once the shoes have sizedin? Any ideas?

-- Rushad Divecha (, August 12, 2001


Smoother Starts

Rushad Since roped hydraulics are running at 2:1, all valve adjustments are twice as critical. We do a lot of roped cars and find you either need to runn them a little faster than normal on the acceleration and on the final leveling to overcome the friction between the jack and the packing. If speeding it up a little doesn't help, and you don't want to wait for the packing to wear in, then try some Maxglide oil additive from Maxton valve co. This stuff works great, you can get a sample and spread it on the jack, if the problem goes away after a few trips, then put the recommended amount in the tank. Jerry

-- Jerry Rexer (, August 17, 2001.


I agree with jerry I use a catapiller oil and its like magic in a can..if its a maxton 4c vvalve check the popit spring ..

good luck dan

-- dan w (, March 11, 2003.

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