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we have requested the MIG now but it came as a shock that they have sent us a very rough copy of the deed even though it was signed in 1990 what do we do now? any help or advice would be greatly recievedthanks

-- wendy (, August 11, 2001


Not quite sure what you mean by "very rough copy". Do you mean that the copy is poor quality ?

If so, everything should be legible, if not then write back and ask for a legible copy.

You have served a SARN I assume...

-- Chris (, August 11, 2001.

yes it is of very poor quality you can not read some of the lines of text yes we have served a SARN and it took them nearly 8 months to finally send us a copy .two previous copies "lost in post"

-- wendy (, August 11, 2001.

You should write back now and say that the MIG's they have supplied are illegible and that you will allow them 30 days to supply new, legible copies. You could put the ball in their court by saying that if you don't hear back in 30 days with legible copies of the MIG, then you will consider the case closed.

If you're feeling particularly bloody-minded (scuse French) you could also write and complain to the Data Protection Registrar - 8 months to supply SARNs is outrageous (although it doesn't surprise me).

It is also worth asking for a complete breakdown of the alleged debt - you need to know exactly how they've arrived at the figure so that you can start to challenge it.

Remember to send everything recorded delivery...

-- Chris (, August 11, 2001.

we have been in touch withe the data comissioner and the have not been that willing to get involved we,ve had the breakdown already and are posing alot of questions that they seem unwilling to answer and thanks to this site we have been sending everything recorded delivery

-- wendy (, August 11, 2001.

It sounds as though you're pretty much doing all you can - remember, they DON'T want to go to court over this. The onus is on them to prove the debt, not on you to prove you don't owe the money.

If it were to go to court, the judge would look most unfavourably on their tactics to date.

"I have tried to sort this out without wasting the court's time, m'lud, but the mortgage company and their solicitors have been most unco-operative, sending illegible documents, and taking 8 months to supply a SARN. They have, so far, refused to supply a complete breakdown of the alleged debt, so I cannot say how much, if anything, I owe them".

Good luck !

-- Chris (, August 12, 2001.

I think the worrying thing is that the Data Protection people were un- willing to get involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has big implications for all who are ' messed about ' by the institutions, there is no right of appeal.

Any comments


-- JonS (, August 17, 2001.

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