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I have a duplex with UC1A valves, both cars are painfully slow when lowering on the man lowering valve, about 45 minutes with a 40foot rise. Any suggestions??????

-- (, August 10, 2001


Terry, do I understand you correctly that it takes 45 minutes for the cars to move 40 feet? Or, did you mean to say they are lowering at a rate of 45 fpm?

One is a problem - the other is a catastrophe!

-- John Brannon (, August 11, 2001.

Maxton slow manual lowering

The speed of the manual lowering is usually determined by the weight of the car. How does the unit perform on inspection in the down direction? Is the packing to tight? If guide shoes,are they binding on dry rails? Is the valve oversized for the unit? You might want to take off the control block and check for any debris or obstruction in the ports.

-- Macky (, August 11, 2001.

Slow Manual Lowering

Hi Terry, Hope I can be of help. Manual Lowering operates the Down Leveling circuit by by-passing the "DL" solenoid. Slow manual lowering is indicative of slow down leveling. Run the car down in leveling. Adjust DL to 8 to 10 FPM. Disconnect and remove the "DL" coil, put the "D" coil on the "DL" solenoid. Register a down call. The car will go down at leveling speed and stall when you reach the slown down switch. Measure the distance from the car sill to the hall sill. Make sure that you have 2" for every 10 FPM of contract speed. Put the "D" coil back on the "D" solenoid. Reconnect the "DL" coil and put back on the "DL" solenoid. Register a down call and adjust DT to have 3" - 4" of leveling distance. Check DL to verify speed is 8 - 10 FPM. Open Manual Lowering and the car should now come down at leveling speed.


R. Kirk Muller Production Manager Maxton Manufacturing (Voice)(775) 782-1700 (Fax) (775) 782-1701

-- R. Kirk Muller (, August 17, 2001.

Hi Terry: I want to buy a UC-4 Maxton valvle. How can I find´it, and how much it? Thanks for.


-- Héctor A. Medrano M. (, January 14, 2002.

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