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Can anyone tell me about the Dr. Phillips SCL Branch. I can't find much information about it. Where did it go to? What kind of freight was hauled on it and when was it pulled up? Any info would be great!

Please email me with any info.



-- Dan Fober (, August 10, 2001


The patterns of railroad lines in the Ocoee - Winter Garden is perhaps more of predecessor lines than over-agressive competition between the ACL and SAL. The historical background is the Florida Midland (yes, the original Florida Midland) built a railroad line that extended from a connection with the South Florida RR in Longwood, westerly to Apopka, then southwest to Clarcona (crossing with the ACL), then south to Ocoee, Dr. Phillips, Vineland and southeast to Kissimmee and a connection with the ACL. The ACL gained control of the Florida Midland in the 1920's, after the Longwood - Apopka section had been abandoned. By the 1960's, the portions of the line between Dr. Phillips and the northwest side of Kissimmee (Buckles)and Apopka - Clarcona had been abandoned. Following the ACL - SAL merger in 1967, a connection track was constructed between the ex ACL line and the end of the ex SAL (xx Tavares & Gulf) branch in Ocoee, allowing SCL to abandon the ex ACL section between Clarcona and an industrial area on the northeast side of Winter Garden. Basically, SCL did end up with excess trackage in the Ocoee - Winter Garden area following the ACL - SAL merger, but the abandonment bug kept on plugging away, as SCL and the Seaboard System eliminated the Dr. Phillips - Ocoee section in the early 1970's. The remainder of the trackage described above is currently operated by the Florida Central RR, with a connection to their Tavares - Orlando mainline near the Lockhart community at a location named "Toronto". The Florida Central RR has a connection with the CSX in downtown Orlando, and trackage rights on CSX to CSX's Taft Yard in south Orlando for freight car interchange.

-- Aaron Dowling (, November 02, 2002.

Oop's... amended information.

My mind drifted a bit regarding the Northern end of the Vineland/Dr. Phillips branch.

I stated that the Northern end pulled off the Trilby Branch (Sanford- Sylvan Lake Jct.-Trilby) at Ocoee. Wrong! The track realignment in the Winter Garden - Ocoee area after the merger of ACL/SAL got me a bit confused. I do not know where the old ACL Vineland/Dr. Phillips branch pulled off the Trilby branch. Perhaps Clarcona?

The myriad of small branch lines from the SAL & ACL criss crossed though out the area. Perhaps the results of an overly competitive spirit between the two rail lines.

Please remember my postings are based on recollections of life and not from documentary fact.

Thanks, Curtis Jr.

-- Curtis E. Denmark Jr. (, August 11, 2001.

Perhaps this little bit of information will help.

This was called the Vineland Branch back in the ACL days. My Dad was section foreman in Orlando, from 1944/45 through the SCL era. We used to visit the section forman in Vineland from time to time.

The northern end joined the Trilby Branch at Ocoee, Florida. From there it ran South to Kissimmee and connected to the Jax - Tampa mainline at the Kissimmee depot.

The section houses were located at Vineland, which is adjacent to Dr. Phillips. This is real pricey homes now near Disney. Also the branch ran right through downtown Windermere. Another area of pricey homes now.

Starting from the old Kissimmee yard and depot, going North about 5 miles, there was a pulpwood loading operation at Buckles. Dr. Phillips, was a large orange grove operation which received fertilizer. I think it even had a fertilizer plant there. In Ocoee, there were a few spurs into the industrial park in later years.

The branch was severed at Buckles on the South end, and Dr. Phillips at the North end. During the construction of Disney World, there were some shipments to Dr. Phillips.

I am sure others can also contribute some information to fill in the blank spots in my memory.

-- Curtis E. Denmark Jr. (, August 10, 2001.

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