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i just bought a brownie hawkeye (flash model) about twenty minutes ago at an antique store. i figure out how to take it apart and stuff, but i just have a few questions. is the red circle at the back supposed to protect the film from the light? and are you supposed to wind the knob when you want to rewind the film, or when you want to the wind the film to take another picture? where can i find an instruction manual for it (it didn't come with one). oh, and one more thing...did i get ripped off if i paid $8.00 for it? if anyone can help me that would be really great because i don't know much about old cameras. thanks!

-- Anastasia (, August 10, 2001


Hi, Anastasia, I will be very happy to answer your questions, in the same order as you asked them:

1. The red circle at the back is a window for you to see the advance of the film. The type film used in this camera has a numbered backing paper. The Brownie Hawkeye gets 12 exposures to a roll of 620 film. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you cover this window with a strip of black electrical tape because if strong light gets in thru the red window you will have a bright spot in the center of each exposure. Stand in the shade and peel the tape up when you wind the film.

2. The knob is used to advance the film. When the film is completely exposed (i.e., all 12 pics are taken), the knob is then used to roll up the tail end of the backing paper onto the takeup spool. There is no need to rewind the film, you just remove it from the camera and seal the roll with the sticker provided.

3. You can get a copy of the Brownie Hawkeye manual from my photo gallery at - go to this site and then type my member name, mariner8378, in the white box provided. This will bring up the landing page for all of my galleries. Click on the gallery named "Various Kodak Manuals" and you will find the manual you need. You are welcome to save each page to a private file and print them out at your convenience.

4. No, you did not get ripped off at a price of $8.00, that's a fair price, if your camera is in good condition.

Best of luck in your endeavors, and have fun! Write to me at if you would like more help.

-- Peter Lutz (, August 18, 2001.

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