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Does anyone know anything about the igroup Ltd, good or bad? They specialise in providing mortgages to people with impaired credit, or requiring self-certification. Some of their small print seems a little unusual to the untrained eye, but could be normal for these circumstances. Any comments would be appreciated.

-- jude (, August 10, 2001


The I group were formerly Capital mortgage Corporation who were shut down by trading standards,they openeed up again as another company whose name escapes me they have never had a good reputation in the trade (My opinon) but did stop a lot of repossessions,unfortunatley it was a lot of out of the frying pan,The I group have fought hard to clean up their act and are now recognised by mortgage code .However if you are in need of non status mortgage there are cheaper options in many cases according to you circumstances the redemption penalties alone are extortionate(my opinion)email me with you problem direct if you want another option. (I just remembered they were formerly Ocwen Servicing!)

-- roger watts (, August 15, 2001.

according to our solicitors, the I Group are nearly as bad as National Home Loans/Paragon Finance. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EITHER OF THESES COMPANIES.

-- deb pedley (, September 10, 2001.

through experience do not touch this company redemption penalties are extremely high and the interest on missing a payment or two are astranomicle give this company a wide birth go to your bank

-- carol lock (, January 17, 2005.

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