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Has anyone adjustted their chain yet. I have 2 centimeters + of play. Do you simply loosen the pinch bolts on the rear of the swing arm and turn the cam?? My dealer does not have a chassis manual yet. please forward all help. Thanks david

-- David Chicatelli (, August 09, 2001


Yes, Just like the 748/916/996.

-- Mike Moser (, August 10, 2001.

Be carefull not to tighten the chain to much. The wear on my sprocket was already very high after few km although it was set according to the book. You should take into account your own weight (and that of your passenger). Let some one sit on the bike of app. the same weight and check then that you still have at least 2 cm of slag. Remember I asked the price for a new sprocket.. it costs around 200 Euro !! To loosen the two bolts on the rear of the swing arm, do not use the deliverd sparkplug key, because it is not strong enough and it is too long, so that you can damage the wheel rim. Use an L-key. You can find the manual on the internet. Success !

-- Patrick Maes (, August 10, 2001.

You mean you can find the hand book on the internet, not a full workshop manual ?????

-- adam (, August 11, 2001.

Your dealer should have a looks like a set square..which plugs into the frame holes and provides a ride height adjustment point which must be reset after moving chain adjustment cam.

Cheers John

-- John (, August 13, 2001.

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