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Fellow Southern Railfans:

I am looking for some help in determining which model rolling stock to purchase to replicate a certain era of the Southern Railway Crescent.

I used to ride the Crescent between Philadelphia, PA, and Mobile, AL in the years around 1958 to 1961 or 62 (it was GREAT!). While I remember a lot about the interior of the Pullman cars, I don't remember a lot about the outside of the train (I was 3-6 years old then). I want to be able to determine which rolling stock and locomotives to purchase for this nostalgia trip.

After reading some on the internet about the subject, it appears that what was running at that time were stainless steel corrugated side Pullman passenger cars pulled by black and white (or fake aluminum) E8 diesels. I guess the snazzier looking green / white / gold trim diesels came a couple years later. I'd also appreciate knowing what particular types of cars made up a complete train of that era. I only remember the sleepers, the dining car, and some kind of baggage car, but there must have been more.

If some Southern historian can confirm this is correct for me, I'd be most appreciative. If anyone can point me to any of the model railroad companies currently making models of these, that would be great, too.

Also (not a Southern question), if anyone knows what color PRR GG-1 pulled this between Philly and DC (I'm presuming the maroon red Senator models) that would be icing on the cake.

Thanks in advance for all of your historical knowledge. John...

-- John Klingelhoeffer (WB4LNM@AOL.COM), August 09, 2001


The years 1958-62 were transitional years for the Crescent's engines. They were being repainted from green to black. The remaining green engines had their nose heralds removed. The last time I personally saw a green engine on the Crescent was 1960. The Crescent was still all-Pullman Atlanta to Charotte at that time. Normally it had its stainless steel consist of a baggage-mail, a unique 4-door baggage dormitory, 10 rmtte-6 double bedroom Pullmans (and an occasional 11 dbr. Pullman), the diner, and the 2 drawing room-1 master room Pullman lounge. Sometimes you might see a red PRR Pullman or a blue L&N Pullman substitute for one of the regular stainless cars. The Crescent often carried Southern heavyweight office cars on the rear. North of Charlotte, the Crescent carried the stainless Pullman and coaches off the Augusta Special at this time. North of Greensboro, it carried the Pullmans off the Asheville Special. One of which for part of this time frame was a heavyweight (a 8 section-5 dbr. car, if memory serves me correct).

Ben Lee

-- Ben Lee (, August 12, 2001.


Good memory on the heavyweight. Southern's 1/10/60 timetable still has the 8-5 between Washington and Asheville. The Crescent (No. 37) handled it southbound, but it rode The Peach Queen (No. 30) northbound.

-- Jack Wyatt (, August 12, 2001.

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