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We are looking into the possibility of relocating to a south central mo homestead -- any ideas, recomendations or property for sale. Would appreciate any information or advice from "country folk" from the Ozarks on how it works for them,what their communities are like and relocation tips. thanks for your help. grampaw

-- granpaw (billpepperridge@aol.com), August 09, 2001


South Central Missouri is the "high rent" district. All the activity around the Lake of the Ozarks area drives up the price of land. You'll probably have to go way south. NorthEast Missouri isn't bad. We bought 80 acres in 1994 for $500.00 per acre. Nothing on it, just overgrown pastures and woods. Same for NorthWest MO. There are bargains out there but you have to look. St. Louis and Kansas City papers carry ads in the Weekend editions.

-- Rickstir (rpowell@email.ccis.edu), August 10, 2001.

Well, Lake of the Ozarks is more central MO. I live in Douglas county and it is inexpensive. There is also plenty of real estate for sale, from a couple of hundred acres to just a few to a house on a lot in town. One thing though, not much work (off the farm). Great people! We found our place on the internet, bought it almost sight unseen. I couldn't ask for better neighbors if I had interviewed them. I LOVE IT HERE!!! Try this website--www.morealestate.com-- and use the search to plug in an idea of what you are looking for, this will give you an idea of what is being asked for places in different areas. As I said, I live in Douglas county, you could also try Ozark, Wright, Howell, or Texas counties. Tana

-- Tana Cothran (tana@getgoin.net), August 10, 2001.

OOps... That web address is -- www.morealestate.net -- Sorry about that. Tana

-- Tana Cothran (tana@getgoin.net), August 11, 2001.

Hey, Tana, I live in Douglas County too. I have always considered the areas of Lake of the Ozarks and Columbia to be central MO, and down here is SOUTH Central MO. I bought my 26 acres 3 years ago for under $18k. The 40 acres south of me just sold for about $21k. South of hwy 60 is more hilly and rocky, the soil is starting to thin out. North of 60 is less so, more level, good soil is easier to find. That's just a general rule of thumb, I am south of 60 and about 15 of my 26 acres is fairly level, dropping off to a deep ravine on the E side. My soil, despite being on a ridge top, is fairly deep. But I looked at a place just a couple of miles away from me that had thin, rocky soil (really almost gravel) and a ridge of stone running through the whole property. You couldn't have kept anything but goats and chickens up there, and would have to watch that the goats didn't denude the place. If you wanted a garden you would have had to truck in soil.

So, there are some good places to be had here, but be careful, and be very selective. Don't "fall in love" with a place and think you can change it. Doesn't work with marriages or farms. LOL!

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), August 11, 2001.

Thanks for your tips and info-- we've mostly been looking east of Springfield and so of hwy 60 so thanks for the tip about the thin dirt. granpaw

-- granpaw (billpepperridge@aol.com), August 11, 2001.

Since everyone seems to be from Douglas county I thought I would pitch Wright County I live in Wright County just north of Douglas, Ive lived in both and they are right the soil north of Hwy 60 Is more plentiful. But there isnt much difference untill you get into Ozark county. There seems to be a bunch of good old fellow here in these southern counties of mo. dale

-- dale (dgarr@fidnet.com), August 11, 2001.

We have 20 A in Dallas Co. for sale. It's about 5 miles east of Buffalo. Woods, small pasture, pond, nice metal sided metal roofed 2bdrm 2 bath house, no visible neighbors. Good well and one shed. We moved for job related reasons only 2 years after buying the land, so didn't have time for more improvements. Had the place rented for awhile, but want to sell now to more land where we are currently located. Anyone interested can email directly to rockinhorse@knoxy.net

-- Louise (rockinhorse@knoxy.net), August 12, 2001.

We own and live on a little place in north Missouri (around Trenton and Chillicothe)and have lived in MO all our lives. If you look around Mercer County , you'll find some pretty reasonably priced land (pretty terrain also) I've always thought the Kirksville/ Milan area had some places that rivaled the ozarks for beauty.

-- Eric Davis (w_farmersville@hotmail.com), August 15, 2001.

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