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The perfect homestead (for my family) this of course does not take in account where the $$$$ is coming from.

It would start with 100+ acres, fenced and cross fenced, 5 acre garden space, 10 acre stocked lake (catfish, bass, perch), A fast moving stream that has a natural waterfall with a 45 degree drop, water moving 5-10 mph (enough to hook up mini hydro power station), The center of the property rising so that the high ground is almost dead center. 65 acres of hardwood trees that is healthy and has never been cut, surrounding property. Good rough cut road to lake and gravel road to center of property. Center having level home site. Good brown dirt all over property.

Well with good clean water. (Sweet water as my grandma called it)

Log Home with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, den, laundry room, big kitchen with regular table, dining room with big table, Breakfast nook, sewing room and radio room. Insulated 8” in walls, 28” in ceiling, 6” in floor. Underpinned with triple crawl doors. Interior lights the new white LED’s. 12V & 120V electrical system.

Solar heat (hot water) panels, 5 large solar panels with storage batteries and sine wave inverter, back up propane or gas generator with 100-gallon tank, mini-hydro power plant running into utility grid type interface. On Grid as back up. (power bill should very small).

Septic (triple filtered) with ½ acre drain field. Drain field covered with periwinkle. (no grass to mow and no deep roots).

24’ x 100’ out building. Insulated and wired.

Neighbors that are homesteaders or at least self-reliant types. Believing in loyalty, truth, friendship and personal freedom. Preferably one or two that likes to target shoot, fish and visit trade lots. The wife would like female neighbors that like crafts, yard selling and canning.

Weather that stays around 60-70 summer, 30’s winter. Some snow in winter and moderate rain in summer months.

Little to no humidity. Hmmm not a whole lot of pesky bugs.

Employment opportunity for marketing, assembly and managerial skills.

Now that would be our perfect homestead. But where in the world is it?

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, August 09, 2001


LOL - no place that I know of but - all good things come to he who waits (grandma's words). Good luck in your hunt.

-- Kari (, August 09, 2001.

Ya forgot the snakes! Seems to me I recall a pretty good sized serpent in the last Eden....

-- Polly (, August 10, 2001.

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