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I just recently picked up a 2001 F4 1+1, brand new, first I want to say that the bike is fantastic, I really love it, I may be trading up for an ORO but not positive.

Anyway, I am looking to put an exhuast on rather soon and wondered what you guys think of the Blue Flame Carbon system, they are the same price as the titanium but the rear seat gets rather hot and I think the carbon may help cool it down a bit for my wife.

Anyone else in Southern California with an MV?

Thank you in advance

-- Adam Tromp (, August 08, 2001


Opening up the stock exhaust, from what I've read, is a very labor extensive process, welding etc... I do not think its the cost effective way of getting an open exhaust.

Fast by Ferracci,, is selling the Sil Moto Carbon Exhausts. I believe these are the same ones sold by Phil Read, I am not aware if MV-SP is going to produce a carbon exhaust, but hope they will, although I'm leaning towards the titanium version.

-- mod (, August 09, 2001.

One more thing, I see the QBCARBON utilized the stock exhaust but altered it, has anyone seen any gains by modifying the stock system such as switching out the baffle or ??

-- Adam Tromp (, August 08, 2001.

Adam, it's good to see that you have purchased the finest bike to date. I am from Southern Cali(L.A) but I live in Naples, Italy. I bought an F4 here and the bike is incredible. I have the exaust that looks like the regular one but the pipes are fully open. You can only imagine the sound this machine makes withh these pipes! Enjoy your bike and watch out, cause all the ealous ones will want it.Ciao.

-- Darrell Forbes (, August 09, 2001.

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