Underdeveloped PMK negative

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I underdeveloped a 120 roll of Neopan 400 in PMK by about 2 minutes or so. Is there any way to intensify such a negative perhaps using selenium toner?


-- John Welton (weltonj@musc.edu), August 08, 2001


Selenium works great as an intensifier. You'll gain about 1 grade of contrast, without any increase in grain or loss of sharpness.

Dilute it 1:2 with distilled water. Process the film in the solution for 10 minutes using standard 10sec/min agitation. Wash it normally, 5-10 minutes.

-- Ted Kaufman (writercrmp@aol.com), August 08, 2001.

John, take a look at David Vestal's book, The Craft of Photography. He talks about Kodak Chromium Intensifier as giving a wide intensification latitude. You bleach the film and then redevelop it in the light, taking it out a bit before it reaches a good density. I'm dying to see how well this works. But for all I know, this technique may be way outdated- the book was written in the 70's.

-- Geoff Riddle (avkpd79@hotmail.com), August 10, 2001.

Great Book.

-- Bill Mitchell (bmitch@home.com), August 10, 2001.

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