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Can anyone offer any help with this please? I have a Bantam cockerel, about 3 yrs old (called Dodi!). He recently became lethargic and seemed to lose his appetite. His comb is drooping and losing colour, and he has green diorrhea. When being handled a couple of times, fluid discharged from his beak. He seems very weak, but his eyes are clear and breathing appears normal. Vet said he had some congestion in one lung and prescribed anti-biotics. His two hens are healthy and normal, but I am concerned that he is not responding to treatment. Any suggestions for helping him to recover?

Cheers, Jim

-- Jim Richardson (, August 08, 2001


Did the vet check for worms? It could be that his crop is fouled, and he may have septicemia from that. Is he getting grit? Best to you!

-- Doreen (, August 08, 2001.

Thanks for your reply. The vet didn't check him for worms - I wasn't impressed with her really. He has access to grit and shells. His crop is full (how can I tell if it is fouled?), and he is eating but still has watery diorrhea. I'm beginning to suspect coccidiosis. Any recommendations on treatments for this?

-- Jim Richardson (, August 09, 2001.

For cocci use a sulfa...amprolium will work, as will Sulpomet (I believe it's sulfa, potassium and metha something or other, a combo drug). I'm not sure what you have in the UK, but those are what we use here. As to the crop, you just feel if it's very full, if he has grit, and is eating, it should be okay. It's rare that he is still hanging on, so he's a fighter! Some vets just don't try very hard with birds, mine is in that category as well. Keep us posted!

-- Doreen (, August 09, 2001.

Thanks for your suggestions for helping Dodi. Unfortunately he died yesterday, from what appeared to be a bacterial lung infection. He is now resting beneath a lilac tree near his favourite sunbathing spot in the garden. Thanks again.


-- Jim Richardson (, August 13, 2001.

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