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The Quiet American was due to be released in the US on 26 October 2001. Apparently, Phillip Noyce has decided to put the release date back until April 2002 but as yet there is no definite date. He was double editing QA with Rabbit Proof Fence, and that's going to be opening first. No word as yet of a British release date.

Thanks to Jax at BECC for the updates.

-- Marjorie Johns (, August 07, 2001


I enjoyed reading the comments pertaining to "The Quiet American", and certainly hope that it is released soon and without further editing. I'd like to make a couple of comments. Graham Green's novel of the same name is a wonderful piece of writing and certainly bears reading before viewing the film. For background, another film, Indochine" with Catherine Denueve, is a bit of a propaganda piece for the left, but it has spectacular cinematography of the Vietnamese countryside, and gives some understanding of the economic issues involved (rubber plantations, exploitation,etc.) Also, I think it is ironic that with everone's concern that the film's release will be delayed as a result of the events of 9/11, that the NY Times reviewed the film on 9/09,only two days before the event. Jim

-- Jim Bradford (, November 15, 2001.

I`m very keen to see the film too. Book was great and Michael Caine is always good. I hope American movie executives aren`t using September 11 as an excuse to censor a film that is critical of US overseas intervention. I wouldn`t be surprised if there is a long wait for the film and I`m sure it will be heavily edited to change the meaning. Perhaps I`m just being cynical but I think the movie execs percieve American morale as being too delicate to take any form of criticism. Maybe they`re being leaned on by the Bush administration...

-- Simon Falush (, July 11, 2002.

The last thing I read is that the film is due to be released in February 2003 but that there is no US release date yet. This makes no sense whatever. How sad it would be that such an important commentary on the US's past role as the world's self appointed Police could be nullified by our present day real time escapades again as top cops. Don't misunderstand that I think that we should not have acted to defend ourselves, I only say that it is unfortunate that past misdeeds may be swept under the rug (along with an important film like THE QUIET AMERICAN) because Hollywood wants to avoid the possibility that they will be perceived as unpatriotic by releasing an adaptation of a novel that was obviously prophetic when it comes to our,as most people would I suspect agree, misguided role in Vietnam's post WW II history.

-- Robert S West Jr (, September 22, 2002.

The US distributors have agreed to open the movie in December 2002 in Los Angeles and New York, after it received critical acclaim at the Boston and Toronto Film Festivals. I saw it a week ago in London and Michael Caine's performance is astounding. The whole movie is paced well, beautifully filmed and deserves to be seen by a very wide audience.

-- Jackie Saunders (, October 02, 2002.

If you go to, it will tell you that the release date for this film in the US is November 22, 2002. It is only to be released in New York city and LA.

-- Rachel Fraser (, November 18, 2002.

Is the narrator Thomas Fowler at peace at the novel's completion? Does he feel that he has made the wrong, an immoral choice? He cites to the "reader" that he wishes he could say he was "...sorry to someone." Does he believe he made a mistake, a decision that he regrets or just regrets he had to make? Does he regret his "engagement" in Pyle's fate? Did he have an alternative? Is this captured in the film? I have not seen it yet. Obviously I am waiting impatiently but quietly.

-- Barbara Selame (, November 23, 2002.

Dear Madame,

I played in that movie, a little part only, and I would like to know, when are you gonna show it in France, I was the young frech singer in the restaurant, or maybe you removed that part. Anyway, please try to give more information.

In advance, thanks a lot,


-- Sandra Maiorana (, November 30, 2002.

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