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Does anyone know about the Data Protection Act changes to facilitate obtaining printed information under a SORN. Or is this just a rumour, I heard it was supposed to happen in October.

-- Jon Sapsford (, August 07, 2001


Hello Jon, No it isn't a rumour - it is a fact. You, being the data subject are entitled to have copies of all data held on computer by the data user (Bank;Bldg.Soc;etc)which relates to your case. You will have to pay for this info.but no more than 10 for the whole lot. Your request for this info. is what is known as a S.A.R.N. (Subject Access Rights Notice.)At present you are not able to request written data details but this will change in October 2001 - which in effect means that you will then be entitled to ALL data - whether on computer or on paper. Send your request by Recorded Delivery; keep copies of everything; keep all their letters & envelopes as proof; don't discuss the matter on the 'phone with 'them'. Don't be fobbed off by the Data User - you have a right to the data. Good luck, Joy

-- Joy Harker (, August 07, 2001.

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